Island Infusion- Sointula B.C.

You can find me in the lobby of The Oceanfront Hotel- 210 First Street, Malcolm Island B.C.       Stop in and have a look or call 250 230 6722.

This is my online store where you will find more ecodyed and upcycled articles.

Island Infusion is the result of my exploration of sustainable fashion, sewing, upcycling clothing, ecodying, felting and quilting. I try to leave a very small footprint by upcycling as much as possible. We are so lucky to have a great thrift and recycle store in Sointula, and we are surrounded by beautiful land and ocean. We live in a wonderful community full of kind people & many talented artists. Inspiration is everywhere!

Fern ecodyed onto fabric.

Ecodyed vintage lace makes

beautiful night lights.

The outfit below is a vintage slip ecodyed with smoke bush, onion skins, salal and various Malcolm Island plants. The shawl is new material- cotton and cheesecloth ecodyed with the same plants.

Ecodying is the process of extracting dyes from plants by steaming them onto paper or fabric. I am exploring it as an alternative to current day chemical dyes used on clothing, which can be toxic to the environment and to the people wearing the clothes. Some research is linking clothing dyes to health issues in children and adults.

Salal dyed lamp shade with leather fringe from a preloved vest found at the Sointula Thrift Store.

The dress below was found in a thrift store. It probably would not have been purchased due to a few small holes in the bottom piece. Chances are it would have been discarded. I darned the holes with a darning stitch and silver thread. They are part of the story now. Then it was dyed with salal. After it was washed and dried I realized it had ties inside to make the hem adjustable. Now it has a second life and someone is going to think it is perfect!

Most of my clothes need to be tried on, but if you call me we can talk about size and see if they will be a good fit. When I am buying clothes to ecodye I look for larger sizes which will fit most women. I know how frustrated I get when I go shopping and everything I like is too small. Also, if you have a favourite shirt and you want to upcycle it, I can ecodye it for you as long as you are willing to be flexible on the outcome. F

Lately I have been ecodyeing paper. We are having a bookbinding retreat here in September and will be using some ecodyed paper.

Upcycled jacket and camisole ecodyed with plants from Malcolm Island.

Upcycling, also known as creative reuse, is the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value. Wikipedia.

Lately I’ve been working on jackets made of recycled and upcycled clothes from local thrift stores.

This pink jacket is made out of a chenille bedspread that was thrown on the free pile when the house across the street was being cleaned out. It was very worn in the centre but still had lots of lovely chenille around the outside. There was enough left to make 2 pink chenille scarves also. The jacket is lined with very old flannel that was found in a trunk in one of the sheds. It is in very good condition- both the bedspread and flannel just needed washing and a bit of imagination.

Love Your Ocean Wrist Cuffs.

These are two examples of how felting is used to embellish textiles.

Felted spiral inspired by the ocean.

Window Art using Malcolm Island Wood.